Stop Being Fine-- Start Being Fabulous

Sounds divine, right?

Once the whisper starts, it doesn’t go away. It never does. It slowly gains a voice and grows.

And grows. And grows.

Until the whisper becomes a scream.

And if you ignore it any longer, you’ll go mad.

How often do we embrace a rebirth?

How often do we even consider the option? I’m guessing there’s a handful of times in your life where you hit bottom and had to bounce high and hard to recover. That’s definitely a rebirth. A phoenix type of surfacing from the ashes.

But what about tackling a rebirth when everything is moving along just fine? Things are good, life is solid and you’ve got no need for a therapist or nightly visits with Jack Daniels and his cousin Jim?

Everything is fine…and that’s the problem. You’ve entered a place of complacency and acceptance of what is. You’ve recognized that there’s more to reach for, that there’s a higher vision of where you’d wish your life path to lead you, but you’ve conceded to the plateau you’re currently sitting on.

Because it’s comfortable.

And 2 years pass by and you’re still sitting in that comfortable space– devoid of challenges and soaring rewards. Life is just fine.

But what happens when more than fine is calling? It starts as a whisper– “there’s more and you’re missing it” — and you ignore it. You push it aside because things are fine. Life is predictable.

But once the whisper starts, it doesn’t go away. It never does. It slowly gains a voice and grows. And grows. And grows.

Until the whisper becomes a scream. And if you ignore it any longer, you’ll go mad.

So, you look inside. Because the outside is fine. It’s the inside that’s the problem. That tiny part of you that was placed in a box and told to be quiet, everything is fine and we’re keeping it that way.

You open the box just a little to hear what that part of you has to say. That rebellious, adventurous part of you that’s driven by perpetual curiosity. That part of you that could be considered the inner child, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more than a child– it’s that part of your soul that longs to experience the world– the beautiful, the dark, the twisty and the breathtaking.

For some of us, that part of our soul is placed in the box when we’re young and it’s locked away forever as a defense mechanism against an adult world that is brutal and unforgiving.

For others, we cultivate that part of soul and let it thrive in our youth and into adulthood. Then, as we start “adulting” we place it in the box for a couple decades. When it finally unleashes itself, people get divorced, buy fancy unnecessary cars and get sexual partners 20 years their junior.

For the lucky few, we cultivate this part of our soul for our entire lives, from birth to now, and our lives become derailed when we place that part of us in the box for a short period of time. For this group, the scream becomes unbearable fast and we have to let it out. And listen.

I am part of that last group. I am blessed to have lived a life where cultivating that adventurous part of my soul was possible– always. But, I slipped a few years back, in my late 30s and tried to enter a life that wasn’t mine to be with a man that I wasn’t supposed to be with. And I kept that part of myself in the box so I could navigate this world of his.

A world of weekend trips to big box stores to consume plastic shit made by children in distant lands that was causing our society to fall apart. A world of stressful adulting, tremendous pain and a ridiculous absence of mindfulness.

And 4 years after that debacle ended, I’m still here, in that fine place, trying to release that part of my soul that I placed in the box. And now, I’m done with fine.

I’m ready to be fabulous again. To be rebellious against all the things I think are wrong in this world. To rebel against conformity and mindlessness. To rebel against the expected and the normal.

I’m asking you to do the same. Stop being fine and start being fabulous. Here. Now. In whatever way makes you feel fabulous.

Our world needs that part of your soul to radiate life and love. Our world does not need that part of your soul locked in a box waiting for a mid-life crisis to reveal itself in some twisted form of its former self.

No, we need all of your beauty and your rebellion right now.

Let’s stop being fine and start being fabulous.

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