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We're a stand for beauty & peace. In all of our work. Our mission is to connect the stone and the soul in a synchronistic way that empowers us to elevate our energy. Juicy, huh?

Curated Crystals & Lapidary ARts

We deliver energy elevation tools through our specially curated crystal collections & handcrafted stone jewelry.

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empowered Crystals

Our crystals are chosen for their energy, their purpose & the beauty they harbor for their ultimate keeper– YOU. We connect with our miners & the source of our stones as often as possible.

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energy elevation tools

We live in chaotic times, more so than normal. I believe each and every crystal is driven to help its keeper elevate their energy & lift us all up.

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The Crystal Lab

I created a private social network for us to gather, connect, learn and to support one another on our crystal journey.  Private sales, events, big discounts & more. Plus– It’s FREE! 

Curated healing goodness

Our crystals are curated for a purpose. A crystal speaks to you for a reason. Support the elevation of your energy by bringing a crystal (or many) into your life. Click below to start. 

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We keep a small inventory of crystals in our “shop” at all times. Our “shop” is the back of our vehicle. We share our crystals with the world at festivals, Nomadic Crystals Lab and Etsy. Please join our community for private sales, auctions, coupons & sales! We are always open to custom orders & will help you find your perfect crystal!

The Nomads

We’re a small crew of nomadic souls, basically me & my hound dog. We’ve been nomadic for many years now, taking our lapidary & curation passion on the road is the natural evolution for this crew!

Crystal Street

Crystal Street

Rockhound & Artist

I’m a documentary photographer and recovering marketing executive currently pursuing my passion for crystals and lapidary arts as a fulltime profession.


Actual Hound Dog & Navigator

I’m a relentless hunter and love to help my person dig for rocks (or moles). I’m also responsible for smiles, cuddles & perpetual zen moments.

Live Simple Lab

The Nomadic Crystal Lab is part of the Live Simple Lab community-- a community of seekers looking to create a simpler life. We explore a multitude of passions-- soulful business, reiki, yoga, minimalism, tiny/intentional living, organic living and more! Please join us and help us grow this emerging community! 

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