Stones To Empower Your Soul
Our Mission

Elevate your energy

Abundance, peace, spiritual connection, protection– each stone has a healing property & each soul has a special need. We connect the Stone & the Soul so we can all invite some juicy, divine energy into our world.

The Story

Each stone has a story & so does the rockhound who stumbled onto it. Join us as we explore the world of crystal energy & lapidary arts!

The Crystals

Each stone has a purpose– a reason for being on this Earth & being in your world. Our work is to connect you with the energy you need- when you need it.

The Shop

We sell our lovely crystals & handcrafted jewelry in popup shops, festivals and on Etsy. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

curated Crystals

Our crystals are curated for a purpose. A crystal speaks to you for a reason. Support the elevation of your energy by bringing a crystal (or many) into your life. Click below to start. 

handcrafted jewelry

I use a combination of minimalist lapidary techniques & basic metalsmithing & chose my stones based on the energetic outcome I wish to share with my collectors.

Stories from the road

We’re nomads. Most of the time, we’re wandering the country seeking new adventures & more crystals. Join us. 

The Location Independent Adulting Struggle

When Adulting Blocks Abundance What happens when you’ve managed to avoid most traditional “adulting” and you’re in your early 40s? What’s the mental impact of this reality and how does it hinder abundance? Before I tear myself a new one, let me preface this...

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Stop Being Fine– Start Being Fabulous

Once the whisper starts, it doesn’t go away. It never does. It slowly gains a voice and grows. And grows. And grows. Until the whisper becomes a scream. And if you ignore it any longer, you’ll go mad. How often do we embrace a rebirth? How often do we even consider...

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