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Abundance, peace, spiritual connection, protection– each stone has a healing property & each soul has a special need. I source my stones from sustainable sources (whenever possible) and work with the energy of each crystal to best serve my collectors and their communities.

The Story

My goal is to connect you with the stone, its origin & the rockhound who brought it to you. Join us as we explore the world of crystal energy & lapidary arts!

The Stones

Each stone has a purpose– a reason for being on this Earth & being in your world. My work is to create a beautiful connection or work of art from each specimen and my collectors.

The Shop

We sell our lovely crystals & handcrafted jewelry in popup shops, festivals and on Etsy. Join the Nomadic Crystal Lab to stay in the loop!

curated Crystals

Our crystals are curated for a purpose. A crystal speaks to you for a reason. Support the elevation of your energy by bringing a crystal (or many) into your life. 

Lapidary Art

I hand-polish cabochons and freeform stones based on the unique properties of the stones I find from independent miners & rockhounding expeditions. My stones come from sustainable sources, direct from the miners as often as humanly possible.

Private Crystal Shopping

For a portion of the year, I offer private crystal shopping for my loyal collectors. I do this service when I’m sourcing my inventories out in the deserts of the Southwest and have access to rare specimens from around the globe. Please email me for details. I work with both wholesalers and private collectors.

Our world

The desert is calling & we must go! We spend a fair amount of time wandering the deserts & mountains searching for crystals, stories & peace. When not sourcing or polishing, we’re at festivals finding new homes for our crystals or sipping espresso by the ocean.

Our Collectors

I take great pride in connecting my customers (aka collectors) with stones & crystals that carry a peaceful & positive energy. My business brings me great joy and serving my collectors is part of my dharma to help bring healing energy into the home of each collector through my stones. Here are some kind words from my fabulous collectors.

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